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The Moat / Cavendish Cavaliers Volleyball report

For the past month or so the staff of The Moat School have been competing in a Volleyball league at Lambeth college. Although we have not yet entirely mastered all facets of the game we have certainly been having a great time.

Our hope is that once the weather brightens up we will be able to resume our Friday evening practices and rise to the top of the table for next season.

Below is the past game reports from our honourable captain Mr. Green:

Fixture 2 – Cavendish Cavaliers v Power Tippers 13-21 12-21 to the Power Tippers.Debuts for Miss Kalamon & Miss Rix as the Cavaliers showed we have many a talented volleyball player in the school.We had a new referee who will now be our regular ref. He again explained how he was going to be relaxed with the rules, but also gave us advice and guidance on the rules as we played. He also introduced some background music while we played. Mostly soft alternate rock. This was a good soundtrack to Miss Kalamon’s karate kick that sent the volleyball soaring over the net. Perfectly legal too I must add.

Fixture 3 – Cavendish Cavaliers v Sets on Fire 13-21 18-21 to Sets on FireLast night we took on the top team in the division. They were probably the most serious team we have faced. They liked to shout ‘Go Fire’ sporadically during the game. To be honest it started with us losing the first 5 points and trying not to get hit by their spikes!! Then we got into a groove & we were digging up those spikes and blocking at the net.Shout out to Mr Broughton who played with a bandaged wrist.We held our own in the end and with a bit of luck could have snuck the second set.So even without a win after 3 games we are having a lot of fun and enjoying some Monday night exercise at the same time. Even yesterday with the top team, the atmosphere between teams has always been relaxed and friendly and with the games played in good spirit and in good humour.

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