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TFL Silver star awarded to The Moat

The Moat has begun the new year with it's continued push for sustainable travel to and from school. We will continue to make it easier for everyone here at The Moat to reduce their emissions on their journeys to school.

Mr. Hull braving the shorts

Plans to increase cycling to school over the next year start with our staff, we are currently offering a cycle2work scheme for all members of The Moat team with many already having taken advantage of this scheme.

Mr. Broughton eco friendly champion

We also plan to expand our bike storage facilities in order to provide a safer (dryer) space for all our staff and pupils to store their beloved bicycles. We will also be installing scooter storage for those of us who prefer a short scoot than a cycle.

We have further plans to improve our garden area this coming summer. After planting our new London Plane trees last year, Mr. Harris and Mr. Ford have decided to take The Moat's Green Team further and install a composter in the garden. This composter will help to reduce our waste from the kitchen as well as provide compost for our garden when summer arrives.

You can view all of our achievements and upcoming plans on our TFL STARS page and follow our progress.

Also feel free to get involved with the scheme or send suggestions to Mr. Harris (

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