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Tall Ships Trip 2017

I was lucky enough to join 8 of our pupils on a trip down to Portsmouth and beyond this past week for their annual sailing trip. Luckily i’m not reporting on that this week, I have the pleasure of introducing our pupils blog entries from the sailing trip this week. Please read below and enjoy the adventures in their own words.

Entry One 

After a delayed start to the day due to a swan with a broken wing on the railway line we were soon on our way to Portsmouth. We carried our bags to the Catamaran where we met the Skipper and First Mate. We then got on to the boat and unpacked are bags and learnt how to flush the loo! We then had a talk about the safety tips and life jackets. We then set sail for Cowes late afternoon. We learned to coil the ropes up we were passing the fenders to each other which were used to stop the boat from hitting the side to hard when parking it. Some people, Hannah, Ave, danusha and finon. even had the responsibility to steer the boat! When we got to port of Cowes we started to cook the food witch was fajitas. And everybody chopped up the food, it was delicious !we played a game and then got ready for bed.

Hannah & Daisy

Entry Two

We woke up at 8am with a new ‘luxury’ shower  that also burnt our bear behinds and had a massive cubicle in it.  It also mended our slumber and totally woke us up. We went to Sainsbury and we all had a task to do, some of us got sausage rolls, some of us got frozen fish. The hard part was having to carry bags full of potatoes and boxes and packets of food. We then set from the Isle of Wight at 11am, we inflated the dinghy in case of the rare emergency of someone falling off. In addition, we learnt the basics of how to pull a sail up. Unfortunately, the first time it was faulty. Then we tried the second one which was a huge success. 3 people were using all their strength to pull the sail up, one person rotated the winch handle and one person let the rope go loose when the sail was up. Also we learnt about steering the boat learning about the different measurements on different instruments such as the wind angle that measures wind and which side it goes on the depth meter which uses echolocation to measure the depth of the sea. We then had lunch which was tomato soup and sausage rolls. We then got to Lymington. We then got off and played on the grass, playing games like grandma’s footsteps, splat and Sniper, where you had to duck and dive for cover in the grass. We then had dinner which consisted of fish and chips and much more.

Jacob and Finnon

Entry Three 

Today, we woke up at approximately 7:30. The red group went for showers, while the green group made delicious pancakes made by Danusha and Daisy. We set off at 10:30 and did the same things as yesterday. So we hoisted the sails up and set sail! We fought our way through a massive frenzy of waves and most people decided to go up at the front and enjoy the full experience of the roller-coaster like waves that constantly went up and down side to side. The red team made lunch which was baked potatoes, tuna mayo and baked beans. The green team decided to take more than 1 hour washing up which was quite funny, since they missed the most wonderful view while they were washing dishes in a tiny kitchen. We stopped at 4pm at our destination which was Buckler’s Hard and we spent most our time on a nice walk into a forest and played games like yesterday such as sniper and Grandma’s footsteps. Then the green team made pasta with 3 different sauces which consisted of pesto, tomato and vegetable. Then the skipper prepared a game called ‘Boat Death’ which is like a real-life cluedo

Jacob and Ava

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