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Tall Ships October 2018

Please enjoy Miss Caine and Mr Fiore's report from Tall Ships.

"We set off for our Tall Ships adventure from London Waterloo station and caught the train out to Portsmouth harbour. After a last minute race to find Nika a sleeping bag, we met our crew and climbed aboard our 63ft catamaran. 

On Monday evening we sailed to Cowes, this was a 3 hour journey in clear skies and calm waters. On the way, we were taught all the sailing terminology and the important clove hitch, Sophia was an expert who kindly shared her knowledge. We were treated to a delightful culinary experience for dinner and discovered that doing the dishes on a boat poses far more challenges than we first thought.

Tuesday 7:30am, everyone was up and ready for the next leg of the journey. After another lesson on the sails, we set off to Yarmouth in slightly chilly winds. Despite the cold weather, we all headed straight for the infamous ice cream store on arrival. To keep our land legs, we took a lovely walk up to Fort Victoria and Matthew gave us a short history lesson about the area. With some daylight left, our crew split us into groups and taught everyone how to drive the dinghy. Bailie and Natalie took to this job like a duck to water while the rest of us would've much preferred to be back behind the wheel of the catamaran.

Wednesday 7:30am, we were all a little slower out of bed this morning, but the sun was shining which helped us all thaw out. The morning started with some more theory about how the sails work in combination and more useful knots to use on the ship. We set off down Beaulieu River where we anchored for lunch. UNO was a popular lunch game which brought out the more competitive side of some of our quieter pupils. After arriving at Buckler's Hard we took a long walk into the forrest and found some lovely spots for a photo. It was then time for showers. We were filled with anticipation as we walked towards what looked like a boat refurbishment centre. We were delighted to find the most luxurious bathrooms of the whole trip. Although it was hard to say goodbye to the tranquil surroundings of Buckler's Hard, we had to set off early the next morning to avoid being trapped by the low tide, so it was an early night for all.

Thursday 7:30, weary eyed and all rugged up, we began our long day of sailing back to Portsmouth via Cowes. Many of the pupils had secured their sea legs by now, while some were ready to find a nice steady plot of land. The afternoon brought us some lovely sunshine and many of us enjoyed this by laying in the scramble nets and admiring the yacht race nearby.

Friday 7:30am, the last morning of waking up with their friends and sharing a game of UNO over breakfast. Everyone was up and taking part in cleaning up the boat before we thanked our crew and departed Portsmouth harbour.

The trip was filled with anticipation which developed into joy and laughter, conversations which developed into new friendships and pupils who returned as well rounded sailors. Each and every pupil was a pleasure to have on the trip and they should be commended on their hard work and resilience over the week."

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