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Letter From The Headmaster

Dear Parents, Wednesday 15th April 2020

As we approach the beginning of the summer term, I am writing to set out the plans as they currently stand for The Moat School

With the information that is currently available to us we are working from the assumption that the lock down will continue. While we remain hopeful that things may alter as the term progresses, we recognise the importance of requiring a whole national approach to tackle this crisis.

To that end, we will be opening the school on April 21st to supervise children of key workers and the most vulnerable students where there is not an option for them to be safely looked after at home. Our capacity to do this will need to be continually assessed, taking into consideration public safety and staff availability.

The Moat Online Learning will re commence on Tuesday 21st April at 8.25. Pupils will be able to access a full range of different lessons and learning materials. We have been preparing the pupils for this through Google Classroom (The Moat Online details can be found here).

In school we aim to provide supervisory staff on rota to oversee any individual pupil who requests to attend during school hours from Tuesday 21st April onwards. As directed by the Secretary of State, this staffing provision will be care, not primarily education-led. We are nevertheless doing all we can to adapt our way of working to continue a meaningful learning experience for as many young people as possible.

We are looking forward to the pupils actively engaging with this new method of working. We have asked everyone to be ready to take home all their work and personal materials (chromebooks, textbooks, exercise books, pens etc) to ensure that they are suitably equipped for the task ahead. The main contact person for each student for their remote learning is their form tutor. If you have any questions, you should get in touch with them in the first instance.

If your child will be coming into school from Tuesday 21st April (because you as parents are key workers or your child is considered by the Local Authority as a vulnerable student) can you email by 3pm tomorrow, Thursday 17th April.

You will understand that available staffing levels mean that for reasons of safety this ‘at-school-provision’ may have to be withdrawn, either wholly or in part, at short notice.

We do not know for how long the school will need to deliver its remote learning curriculum, but we hope that we shall be able to revert to our usual form of operating at some point during the Summer term.

Further details re Year 11 arrangements will be sent in a separate letter.

Please stay in close touch with us - and take good care of yourselves

Kind regards

Koen Claeys

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