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International Women’s Day and pancake envy

Today is as many of you know, International Women’s Day; a celebration of women’s achievements, conversations on women’s rights and a day to think about the future education of all children in relation to equality and tolerance. The day was marked in many ways in which we can all strive for equality and here at The Moat is always a great place to start.

Other highlights from the day included a very short trip to the playground with Mr. Grimes who was involved in a great game of football during PE. Although I must admit perhaps he is suited more to the classroom than the football field.

Form gatherings consisted of a range of subjects this morning but I would like to highlight form 7mb’s very special recap on Pancake Day. Today the class discussed their work which they had created the other day. Everyone made clay pancakes and talked about their dream toppings these range from some great M&M and maple syrup topped creations to a much more niche energy drink and sushi topped numbers.

I wish them all luck with their future pancake based adventures at home and hope they can create some more innovative culinary creations.

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Have a great evening.

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