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GCSE result success!

Although the struggles of this year's pandemic and ensuing challenging exam situation have been a strain on educators throughout the UK, this year's centred assessed grades, and grading evidence system, have been a true reflection of our cohort’s consistent hard work and incredible value added to each of their GCSE options.

This year’s year group yielded outstanding results for The Moat pupils with a 93% pass rate (grades 9-4) amongst the cohort.

Core subjects English, Maths and Science have exceeded previous years results, with a 95% pass rate in English, a figure not seen often for a dyslexia specialist provision, a 100% pass rate across combined science and an 84% pass rate for mathematics.

The real strength of The Moat’s pupils has truly been shown across our creative subjects for which the cohort has excelled throughout their time at The Moat; Art, Photography, Design Technology and Food Technology have all gained 100% pass rate, a phenomenal result for all of our year 11’s which has been shown consistently through their time with the school.

Some highlights from this year's cohort include; a fantastic performance by Kit, who has passed all eight exams, seven of which are graded 7-9;

Daisy, who has had an outstanding result being graded a 9 in Photography and an 8 in Art, as well as passing all her other subjects and is hoping to move on to Sixth form for A-Levels;

Alex, has shown incredible perseverance and passed all 8 of his GCSEs alongside making enormous progress in extra-curricular and therapeutic pursuits.

Headmaster Koen Claeys says:

“The consistent hard work put in by our year 11 pupils, alongside our teaching staff, has shown a clear example of The Moat’s unique and tailored learning style, leading to fantastic results.

I thank all our staff, who have worked with these pupils through the years, and have not only produced fantastic results when it comes to academic results, but have improved these young people's lives in every other aspect.”

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