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Eco-initiative at The Moat

This morning it was announced that TFL will be launching an initiative in which to establish ‘low emission zones’ in 12 areas throughout the capital. The first of which is to be right here in Putney!

Last year the area exceeded emission targets 1,248 times the national limits[i]. With Mayor Sadiq Khan describing the levels as ‘An outrage’. The new regulations will mean all buses from Putney Station to Putney Bridge Road, will be converted to hybrid or zero emission from 2018.

This is great news for the area and also in line with The Moat Schools Eco-Innovation award which we received in 2016. Lower emissions in the area will not only result in improved air quality, increased wildlife populations but also a much more pleasant walk to school.

Today we took a look around the school to see what we are doing at the school to stay in touch with the environment and improve sustainability throughout The Moat.

We have had multiple staff commit to the ‘ride to work’ scheme, greatly reducing their carbon footprint and staying healthy in the process, lower school teacher Mr. Ford says ‘A few of us have completed the ride to work scheme and there are at least 6 of us who cycle in everyday’. Great work to everyone who has helped out the school and community by being part of the scheme and we hope to see some more members this summer.

Dr. Lewis also has recently converted his canal boat lights to LED saving massive amounts of power from his generator, helping to keep London’s waterways clean. His next project is to install a wind turbine furthering his fantastic efforts to keep the city clean.

There are other ways in which The Moat has continued to move forward with eco incentives, we recycle and reuse all our paper and recyclables as well as switching to energy saving bulbs in the school.

Last year’s eco-innovation awards saw some students of The Moat come up with some pioneering ideas to help the environment including burying houses underground to save energy! On top of an app that allows people with allotments to sell and trade fruit and vegetables.

We will continue to push forward with staying sustainable at The Moat and hope everyone at home tries their best to continue to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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