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Cavendish Choir - I Believe In Me

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

In September 2018, pupils from schools across the Cavendish Group came together to make a professional recording of the original composition ‘I Believe in Me’, as part of the Cavendish Schools Choir Project. Composed and directed by Matthew Potger, Deputy Head of The Moat School, this exciting, inclusive project was designed to support and encourage pupils’ self-esteem and communication skills through shared performance, and build a strong and positive connection between the participating schools. The recording session was held in St Mary's Church, South Ealing; a beautiful venue, chosen for its wonderful acoustic space. A professional mobile recording rig was set up there to record all our singers at their absolute best and create a piece of music of which we can all be truly proud. The Cavendish Schools Choir Project has created a foundation for further shared performance opportunities across the group and our special thanks goes to all the pupils and teachers of each of the schools for making this event such a truly inspirational success.

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