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PE & Games

Key Stage 3 Physical Education


The Key Stage 3 Physical Education curriculum at The Moat School is designed to expose pupils to a wide range of sporting activities.

Physical Education at The Moat School plays an important role in our curriculum. A large proportion of pupils who have SpLDs excel in a non-academic setting. Physical Education at The Moat School represents two hours of each pupil’s timetable at Key Stage 3 level.


The Structure of Physical Education Lessons


Physical Education lessons at The Moat School are structured and delivered alongside the Moat School’s on site occupational therapist. This allows our occupational therapist to work closely with pupils who have issues in this area.

In order to keep pupils engaged at Key Stage 3 Level, the curriculum changes on a yearly basis. Below are the sports which will be covered during this academic year (2017 – 2018):

  • Autumn Term– Invasion games and problem solving

  • Spring Term– Swimming and Gymnastic activities

  • Summer Term– Tennis, Rounders and Athletics


Each sport accounts for one-half of a teaching term. This allows students to gain an understanding of the basic rules of the sport as well as to build key skills.


Key Stage 4


Key Stage 4 Physical Education accounts for two hours of each pupil’s timetable. PE pupils are given a choice of the activity that they would like to take part in for that term.
During this year the sports which are on offer are:

  • Autumn Term– Basketball, Football or Rugby

  • Spring Term– Football, Fitness or Hockey

  • Summer Term– Tennis, Athletics and Softball

Sports are delivered with the help of qualified coaches as well as experienced members of staff. The occupational therapist helps to ensure that the syllabus benefits those who have issues with coordination and movement.
Physical Education at Key Stage 4 occupies two hours of the pupils’ timetable. This gives students an opportunity to develop their social skills and work outside of an academic environment while undertaking their GCSEs.




Pupils are able to choose Physical Education as a GCSE option in Year 10. The GCSE PE curriculum can be split into three areas:

  • Three practical sports (30%)

  • Analysis of performance (10%)

  • Two final examinations (60%)


Due to the changes in the syllabus, with more focus on theoretical aspects, it is expected that students will undertake many sports in their own time, outside of school, so lessons can mainly focus on the 70% theory aspects.


To score well in the practical assessments students need to be playing competitive sport for a club and keep a log book of any friendly or competitive matches.

Pupils are assessed in team and individual sports and are expected to participate in these outside of school

Parent Portal

Parents can find specific curriculum information in their child's termly ICM reports. These can be accessed via the Parent Portal: