Performing Arts


Performing Arts

Performing Arts at The Moat School brings Music and Drama together, with an emphasis on building confidence through performance.


Key Stage 3 Performing Arts


In Years 7, 8 and 9, pupils explore a range of creative opportunities. In Music, different styles are explored and performed, including Film Music, African Djembe, and Balinese Gamelan. Pupils work on instrumental skills in the practical sessions, as well as recording and producing using Music Technology skills.

In Drama, pupils explore communication and performance through mime, improvisation and a range of texts. They develop their work (using masks, costume and sound and lighting effects) into a live presentation or storyboarded film.

The Music and Drama work is brought together in a KS3 Showcase Performance each term, as well as the Moat School Christmas Gala in the Autumn Term, the GCSE Performing Arts Examination Performance in the Spring Term and the Year 9 Shakespeare Production in the Summer Term.


GCSE Performing Arts

The GCSE Performing Arts course is designed to give pupils the opportunity to study and realise a wide range of performance, design, technical and management skills in the performing arts industry. Pupils will choose to work in one or more of the following performing arts disciplines: Acting, Singing, Dance, Music, Music Technology, DJing, Lighting, Sound, Set Design, Costume Design, Props Design, Masks, Puppets, Make-up, Stage Management, Front of House, Marketing and Publicity.

The GCSE Performing Arts course is made up of 2 units. Unit 1 focuses on skills development using portfolio evidence and is worth 60% of the total grade. Unit 2 is an externally marked Showcase Performance, worth 40%.


Performing Arts ‘Moat Style’


Performing Arts lessons focus on The Moat School’s commitment to multi-sensory learning. Emphasis is placed on practical activities and performance, developing each pupil’s skills and confidence through working creatively, reflectively and spontaneously.

The Performing Arts Department’s SEN (Special Education Needs) trained full-time staff are Mr Potger and Miss Capewell. They are supported by a skilled group of specialist peripatetic teachers who offer individual lessons in a range of instruments including piano, guitar, bass, flute, drums and voice, as well as drama improvisation workshops.

The department also offers extra-curricular activities, such as Theatre Club and Improv Enrichments, and presentations and workshops by visiting professional artists.
Information Communication Technology plays an integral part in all areas of the performing arts at The Moat School. Pupils use a range of high-quality digital audio and video equipment for film-making and multi-track audio and MIDI (Musical Instrumental Digital Interface) recording. Many of the editing and tutorial applications can be accessed via the pupils’ own laptop computers, so that projects may be individually tailored and assessed.

The GCSE Performing Arts qualification is an appropriate foundation for progression in Performing Arts, Theatre Studies and generic subjects such as Dance, Drama and Music. It also provides a foundation for design work in set, costume and props and technical elements such as lighting and sound. The course also provides a worthwhile introduction to a wide range of personal and organisational skills, which are highly relevant in the workplace.

Performing Arts forms an invaluable part of the Moat School’s strategy for developing pupils’ communication skills, reasoning, literacy and self-confidence. It’s also great fun!


You can find specific information about the curriculum for each Year Group here:


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