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Media Studies

Media Studies at the Moat School is an exciting subject that aims to educate pupils about the media in a dynamic and challenging way. It is offered as a GCSE course to pupils in Years 10 and 11 and we follow the OCR examination syllabus.


Media Studies: Controlled Assessment


The course consists of two pieces of controlled assessment and one exam. The first piece of controlled assessment involves pupils working individually to study two media texts in film, television, radio or print. Then they write a comparative essay which focuses on how certain characters are represented.


The second piece of controlled assessment can be done individually or as part of a group. It involves the pupils producing a short film, magazine cover, music video or radio show. For the exam, pupils will have to watch and analyse a film clip and write about the conventions of two television sitcoms they have studied.


Strategies Used To Teach Media Studies


The strategies used to teach Media Studies by Moat School staff are varied and evolve with our pupils.  These strategies may include:


  • Creative design work using ICT and more traditional methods

  • Shared construction of texts to model writing techniques

  • Deconstruction of modelled texts to identify conventions

  • The use of writing frames to structure responses to topics

  • Over learning to ensure thorough knowledge of topics

  • Group work or working in teams to encourage lateral thinking

  • Use of stimuli for writing to develop creativity

  • The use of film and photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Windows Movie Maker

  • The use of moving and still images to storyboard ideas for the creation of media texts

  • The use of voice activated software to support the writing process


As well as offering a starting point for a career in media, Media Studies offers pupils the opportunity to learn transferable skills in ICT, comparative essay writing, content analysis, research, team work and presentation.

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