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School Inspections


The Moat School is subject to regular inspections and in March 2016 ISI rated The Moat School as EXCELLENT in every section relating to teaching and learning, pupils’ welfare and leadership and management.


"The School carefully nurtures pupils’ talents and creativity to enable them to flourish, fully in keeping with its aim"


"Teaching is excellent, grounded in strong relationships and expert knowledge of the needs of each pupil"


"Pupils’ personal development is excellent, the result of the school’s extremely successful work to fulfil its aims to develop pupils’ self-esteem and to motivate them towards independent learning."


"Pupils show exemplary attitudes, both to the school and to their work and learning. Their behaviour in the classroom responds to the nurturing care provided by staff and fully supports their overall achievement"


The Moat School is also inspected by CReSTeD, the authority responsible for schools teaching children with dyslexia. In 2014 CReSTeD described The Moat School as a "compact and welcoming inner city specialist school. Pupil behaviour is excellent with rapport between staff and pupils firm but friendly. The school is fully supported by the parents who state that the school has worked beyond expectations for their children’s academic and pastoral welfare."


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