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Our Humanities Department enthusiastically delivers History, Geography and Religious and Social Studies and we pride ourselves on delivering memorable experiences which challenge our pupils with new ideas and high expectations. We plan and deliver our lessons using visual, kinaesthetic and interactive teaching methods and make full use of technology to enable all of our pupils to reach their full potential. Our role is to make sure our pupils leave us with a deep understanding of the world around them and their place within that world. Moat School pupils are encouraged to keep an open and enquiring mind and to be active citizens. 


Pupils who begin in our lower school (Ks2) study a varied curriculum which covers a range of engaging topics in History, Geography and R.S.S. Pupils are encouraged to make links between these topics and their learning in other areas such as the literacy curriculum. At KS3 pupils continue to build on their knowledge and skills studying varied topics which create a broad and balanced curriculum. In History pupils begin with the Medieval age learning about significant events such as the Norman Conquest and the Black Death. They develop their historical and literacy skills as they progress through British and World history finishing in Year 9 with a study of 20th Century conflict and The Holocaust. In Geography pupils explore topics which give a balance of Human and Physical Geography, and which also equip them with the key skills they need, including engaging in fieldwork outside of the classroom. In Religious and Social Studies pupils learn about the role world religions play in our lives and in our societies so they can recognise the importance of mutual respect and tolerance. They will explore what constitutes an identity and study what it means to be an active and abiding citizen in modern Britain. Pupils will also develop an understanding of the UK political system and learn about their rights and responsibilities as individuals; as well as recognise the importance of Human Rights, laws and the power of the Media. 


Our Humanities pupils are given plenty of individual support and assistance. We strive to create our own resources where needed to ensure that the needs of our pupils are met in lessons, which are enriched by trips and activities for related topics taking advantage of the amazing opportunities  London has to offer. 


Pupils with a passion and an aptitude for the humanities are encouraged to continue their studies into KS4, where the department offers GCSEs in History, Geography and Citizenship.

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