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The Moat School offers a diverse and comprehensive range of GCSE subjects tailored to the individual cohort of pupils as far as is reasonably possible. In recent years, we have offered more vocational options such as the BTEC in Home Cooking as well as the more academic GCSE Food Technology. We have also introduced a Performing Arts GCSE in 2012 instead of GCSE Music and/or GCSE Drama which did not cater to pupils who were interested in areas of Performing Arts such as lighting and make up. This has proved very successful.


You can view The Moat School GCSE options for this academic year here.

The Moat School Staff produce many of their own resources in concurrence with specific text books produced by examination boards to cater for the needs of individual pupils’ specific learning difficulties.

Special Arrangements for Exam


Access Arrangements are intended to allow attainment to be demonstrated. Some arrangements are permitted by the centre, others by the awarding bodies and must be approved by a certain date before an exam or assessment.


Access arrangements should not give that candidate an unfair advantage over others. The intention is, as far as possible, that all pupils should have an equal opportunity when sitting their exams, and not be placed at a disadvantage over others because of the means used to examine them.  A judgement must be made by a specialist assessor to show that the candidate’s knowledge can only be accessed properly through the employment of a specific access arrangement. The following access arrangements can be tested for by the school:


  • Reader

  • Computer Reader

  • Scribe

  • Transcript

  • Extra time

  • Rest breaks

  • Prompt

  • Use of laptop

  • Modified script – larger print


We utilise the expertise of a team of our JCQ approved specialist assessors to individually assess each pupil at the end of Year 9.  In addition, we consult and use any relevant data we hold such as up to date Secondary School EP reports.


Any access arrangements that we are granted by the Examination Boards can then be used throughout the 2 year GCSE examination period, where applicable.  It is important to note that both access arrangement information and pupil UCI are then given to any post 16 educational providers in The Moat School Leavers’ pack.


GCSE Preparation


The Moat School is a specialist school that prepares SpLD pupils for mainstream examinations and tertiary education. We ensure that every pupil is fully prepared for GCSE examinations through a robust access arrangement system and an individually tailored study skills programme that is continuously monitored and developed throughout KS3 and KS4 (Years 7 – 11).


The Study Skills programme includes:

  • Ways of Knowing (different types of intelligence)

  • Memory skills

  • Problem solving

  • Presentation skills

  • Examination techniques, including key words and mind-mapping

  • Time Management

  • Mark Allocation

  • Organisational Skills, including planning

  • Preparing for Controlled Assessment

  • Research techniques

  • Use of ICT

  • Revision techniques

  • Examination analysis

Pupils take part in an annual Study Skills Fair, which introduces them to a range of helpful strategies and techniques for studying, revising and accessing the examinations. They then create their own Study Skills programme with their mentors and develop these skills throughout the year in their Skills for Learning lessons.


Examination Policies

Click here to download our Examination Policy.