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The Moat School’s Enrichment Programme offers our pupils the opportunity to broaden their skills and aspirations through a variety of fun and engaging practical courses that enhance the curriculum and provide avenues for creativity and mastery.


Benefits of Our Enrichment Programme


Enrichment courses present specialist education and learning experiences in areas specifically related to students’ vocational aims.  It can also help pupils explore interests they may not otherwise have considered, while exposing them to related fields that may be more aligned with their talents and interests.  At The Moat, we believe in providing direct experience to pupils wherever possible.  Enrichment compliments the curriculum and fits with the character of the school.

The Moat School Enrichment courses are planned specifically to promote and develop problem solving and creative thinking skills, teamwork, behavioural and social skills, citizenship and decision-making skills. We hold an Enrichment Fair at the beginning of each term, where pupils choose 4 enrichments from the 12 different courses on offer.


A Comprehensive Range of Enrichment Courses


The parameters of our enrichment courses are expansive, from Lego Robotics to African Drumming.  Those interested in drama have explored Set Design, Puppetry, Specialist Effects Make-up and our Improvisational Comedy Club.  Those with technical interests have taken Stop-Frame Animation, IT Functional Skills, Model Making and Further Additional Science.


Outdoor physical enrichment courses have included Gardening, Orienteering, Rock-Climbing, and The Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Other enrichment courses offered thus far are Travelling Without Moving- Cultural Exploration, Bread Making, Martial Arts, Chess Club, T-shirt Design and Debating.  We consistently monitor popular and specialist interests to offer enrichment courses that are challenging, interesting and match the creative and educational aims of our student body.


Pupils spend 4 hours a week on their enrichments and celebrate their achievements with a presentation, showcase or performance at the end of the term.

The Moat School Enrichment options Summer term 2021

Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, The Moat School has decided to encourage a term of touch typing for all pupils Enrichment option this term. We hope to return to our regular Enrichment course options as soon as possible.

We are hoping to have a return to our normal and diverse enrichment programme as soon as possible and are excited to share our list of unique and creative offerings soon.