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Counselling is an integral element of our holistic therapeutic approach at the Moat.


Our experience has shown that pupils’ ability to have confidential access to an adult who is empathetic and non-judgmental is valued and effective.

Many young people have endured negative attitudes and lack of esteem in their school lives and we are available to help redress the impact of these effects in their time with us at the school.

Pupils are able to self-refer through different means of access, including email and a post-box. Teachers, support staff and other school therapists may also suggest a counselling approach. Parents are always welcome to discuss aspects of well-being at school and at home, with the school counsellor. The school counsellor offers therapeutic support which is especially beneficial for pupils transitioning either from Year 6 to Year 7 or from Year 11 to post 16.

We also work, at times, with small groups around relevant issues, including peer support, and always seek to engage parents in our process.

The school is exceptionally fortunate in being able to offer such an integrated service within the school day and on site. However, we are also able to consult with and refer to other professional agencies.

There are frequent meetings and shared perspectives within the school community which enables us to be connected and mutually supportive. This allows us to offer considered and collaborative initiatives for our pupils if and when the need arises.


Susan Bennet, Matthew Green and Hannah Rapp

The Moat School counselling team