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Business Communications


GCSE qualifications in business subjects encourage students to be challenged and follow a broad course of study. We aim to provide pupils with the skills involved in enterprise and address the key issues this entails, enabling them to have a clear understanding of how the world they live in works from a legal and business perspective. Pupils are given the opportunity to put their entrepreneurial skills to the test during enterprise day. They go head to head in an Apprentice style challenge as they attempt to set up their own business for the morning. We also aim to go on trips to places like Thorpe Park to allow the pupils to see how the business concepts they are learning work in reality.

Business Communications is a popular choice at GCSE and we use the Edexcel examination board. Currently, the course consists of two examinations (75%), a multiple choice and written examination. There is also one piece of Controlled Assessment (25%).


There are a number of strategies used to help pupils access the curriculum. These strategies include;


  • Use of laptops

  • Kinaesthetic learning

  • Focus on subject-specific vocabulary and literacy

  • Use of vocabulary books

  • Differentiation of tasks and scaffolding

  • Multimedia – including videos and interactive textbooks

  • Overlearning

  • Peer support


Jobs Business can lead into:

  • Marketing manager

  • Consulting

  • Advertising

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Public Relations

  • Financial planning

  • Product management

  • Investment banking


Parent Portal

Parents can find specific curriculum information in their child's termly ICM reports. These can be accessed via the Parent Portal: