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Art, Design & Photography


The Art Department seeks to enable all pupils to realise their creative potential and gain an insight into their individual understanding and engagement with the world.


Art, Design & Photography gives pupils the opportunity to respond creatively to their experiences and environment, to gain an understanding of other artists’ work and to express their ideas and feelings in a visual way. It also helps to build confidence and self-esteem.


Key Stage 3 Art and Design


Pupils can work in a wide range of media including paint, clay, printmaking ICT and 3D processes. They cover various topics which are often linked to other curriculum areas such as History, English and Science. Art topics may include Nature and Print, Art From Other Cultures, Colour and Expressionism, Self-image, Sculptural Techniques, Surrealism, Viewpoints and Cubism, Tone and Texture, Still Life, Lino-printing, Painting, Collage and Sculpture Linked to a Major Exhibition.


GCSE Art and Design


Pupils who choose Art as an option will follow the Edexcel GCSE course in Art and Design (unendorsed). They will produce a personal portfolio of work in two disciplines and this forms the controlled assessment part of the course. They will also make preparatory studies for the externally set theme which culminates in a 10-hour timed test to produce a final piece.


Themes for the personal portfolio may include Going Places, Natural Forms, Inside, Surfaces and Beginnings. At the end of the course pupils’ work is displayed in an exhibition in the Art Studio.


Pupils wishing to take on GCSE photography can do so from Y10is GCSE course is lead by a specialist teacher who leads the GCSE lessons two times a week. This course integrates with our GCSE Art programme as well as leading to other design-based course opportunities in Sixth Form and further education.

This course includes trips to a multitude of photographic exhibitions and the use of our external environment is also encouraged, pupils are often seen working on technical photography n Bishop's Park and the surrounding extended learning area. 


Art and Design ‘Moat Style’


The Art Department arranges visits for all year groups to permanent art galleries and current exhibitions. Popular venues include Tate Britain, Tate Modern, The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, The Royal Academy of Arts, The Horniman Museum and Dulwich Picture Gallery. Pupils benefit from workshops in these venues as well as from speakers and artists visiting the school.


The Art Department believes in a curriculum that promotes diversity and independent thinking. Through understanding each pupil’s individual learning style, the department focuses on providing appropriate, engaging content and teaching methods conducive to the needs and interests of our learners. Throughout each stage of their artistic studies, pupils are introduced to stimulating lesson topics and processes, with opportunities to develop their own understanding, relationship and choice of expression in the modern world.


The Art Department recognises each pupil’s achievements and has developed a variety of ways to celebrate their success. The Moat School takes pride in showcasing works through internal exhibitions, entrance into local and national art competitions, and in galleries based in and around London. Learners are encouraged to discuss their achievements through group critiques, one-to-one tutorials and presentations of work. This process has provided a platform from which pupils can realise their achievements and set additional targets including further educational and personal success.



Parent Portal

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