Aatif Hassan

Founder and Chairman

As well as having a successful career in private equity, Aatif is also the Chairman of Governors of Minerva Education, a mainstream independent schools group in the UK, and Founder and Chairman of The Dukes Education Group, which offers global admissions consultancy for independent schools and universities, a summer schools programme and operates three colleges in the South East of England.

Growing up with dyslexia, Aatif had to work hard to find his own way to succeed and credits the encouragement and support of his family and school as crucial to this success. He founded the Cavendish Education Group in 2013 with the simple aim to ‘give others the chance to succeed against the odds and in the face of obstacles.’

Aatif is Deputy Chairman of Governors at St. James Independent Schools (including Chairman of the Finance & Estates Committee and Chair of St. James Junior School) and is part of the CReSTeD Council (Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching Dyslexic Pupils).

He has a first class degree in Mathematics and Economics and a British Army commission, which he uses to work with Army Cadets.